Walter Lab Student Researchers
and Veterans
Miriam Kiran

I'm an undergraduate student and Smittcamp Honors Student in Biology with an interest in faculty teaching behavior, especially practices that support diversity and inclusion in STEM.

Evelin Muñoz

I am a graduate student (and a 2018 B.S. Biology graduate) in the Walter Lab. My survey-based thesis explores faculty teaching practices through both personal and organizational influences.

Arashnoor Gill

I'm an undergraduate student studying Faculty Teaching Practices Through The Theory Of Planned Behavior. When I graduate, I want to be a school psychologist.

Makayla Bailey

I'm an undergraduate student in Psychology studying faculty and graduate student teaching behavior. After undergrad, I plan to pursue a medical degree and subsequent career in Psychiatry.

Edgar Muñoz

I am a graduate student studying the influence of a First Year Experience (FYE) for STEM students on the development of a 'STEM Identity.'

Orlando Lopez

I'm an undergraduate student in Biology with interest in faculty teaching practices. My plan is to someday pursue a PhD in Science Education.

Noel Fernandez

I'm a Liberal Studies student studying science education. I'm particularly interested in diversity and inclusion in STEM.

Alejandro Mendez

I'm a double major in Biology and Psychology. My research project explores faculty teaching practices through methodological observations of teaching, survey work, and analysis of teaching planning materials.

Glen Martin

I'm an undergraduate researcher on two research projects. One seeks to build theory around faculty teaching behavior through merging multiple psychological frameworks. The other explores biology majors' longitudinal attitude change as it correlates with concept inventory knowledge scores.

Allyssa Gomez

I'm an undergraduate researcher using Social Network Analysis to understand the influence of knowledge exchange on students self-efficacy in the context of a First Year Experience (FYE) for students in STEM.

Mireya Lemus

I am a 2018 graduate with a B.S. in Natural Sciences. My research at Fresno State focused on analyzing teaching observation data of STEM Faculty using the COPUS. After getting my teaching credential, I plan to teach middle or high school science.

Ivan Ceballos-Madrigal

I'm a 2019 graduate from the Walter Lab with a B.S. in Psychology. At Fresno State, I studied the influences of academic workplace climate on instructional practices of faculty. My research included a comprehensive literature review, investigating survey data to understand the impact of department climate on individual instructional practice, and exploring cognitive constraints that influence the instructional practices of faculty.

Shadi Adineh

I am an associate of the Walter Research Lab and an 2017 M.S. Biology graduate from Fresno State. I am interested in exploring nature of science (NOS) knowledge among undergraduate English Language Learners and will begin a PhD in Science Education at Western Michigan in Fall 2019.

Ephiram Bosse

I am a 2018 B.S. Biology graduate from the Walter Lab. At Fresno State, I studied evolution knowledge and acceptance among undergrads.

Lillian Senn

I'm a 2019 M.S. Biology graduate from the Walter Lab. My work explored faculty teaching behavior through the lens of Ajzen's Theory of Planned Behavior. In Fall 2019, I will begin a PhD in science education with Michelle Smith at Cornell University.

Sanjana Krishnamurthy

I'm a 2017 M.S. Graduate from the Walter Lab. My project investigated the impact of different instructional strategies on students’ understanding about the cell cycle in a general education biology course. I am now a community college science instructor in the Central Valley.

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