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Walter Research Lab

Established 2015

In the Walter Research group, we examine teaching practices of university instructors, the factors that influence these practices, and how we can work together to innovate university-level STEM environments to

achieve more student success.

Seven members of the Walter Lab in March 2024 stand for a photo at the NARST conference.

Our Story

Every lab has a story, and you may be interested in ours.

Our research lab started in 2015 when Dr. Walter started her career

as a college professor in the Department of Biology

at California State University, Fresno.


We are a biology education research lab in a Biology department.

This is why we call ourselves a "lab."

A biology department is a unique home for a STEM education lab,

as many of our colleagues do pure STEM research.

However, being in a biology department allows us to be close

to the very place we want to make better --

the college STEM classroom.

Since 2015, the Walter Lab has been home to over 30 students, including undergraduate, Smittcamp and Biology honors program students, and graduate students.


In our lab, we are a family.

We look out for each other.

We give it our all.

We do everything we can for our research to be outstanding,

with the highest standards in mind.

And we fight for what's right -

equity, inclusion, and justice for all learners. 

Our Adventures

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