Current Course Offerings



General Education Biology

In this course for non-science majors, we myth bust common misunderstandings about science and learn how to make smart decisions based on evidence, including decisions for personal well-being, evidence-based public policy, and health of the environment. 

Fall 2021

Looking Through Telescope

NSCI 115

Environmental, Earth, and Life Science

In this content course for future elementary educators, we learn through classroom-ready NGSS-aligned lessons, do a month-long observation of the moon, and design a science outreach event for local kids.

Fall 2021

Students in a Science Class


History and Philosophy of Science

In this graduate course, students learn about how science really works, explore the foundations of what it means to know, and learn about the people of STEM -- including understanding their own place in history as a person of STEM.

Fall 2021

Camel and Pyramids

LS 100T/280T

Authentic STEM Learning through Egypt's Grand Challenges

In this study abroad course, students will travel to Cairo, Egypt where they will build and present an evidence-based STEM lesson as part of a teaching exchange with students at Egypt's award-winning STEM high schools.

Jan 2021

College Classroom

BIOL 272

College Science Teaching

In this graduate course for future university STEM educators, students learn how to structure a lesson, write learning objectives, construct more effective labs, and build quality assessments. Students will walk away ready for the job market with a teaching portfolio and teaching philosophy.

Spring 2022