International Work

As a global citizen, I pursue solutions that innovate postsecondary STEM teaching and help people overcome science denial. 

In particular, I am motivated when challenges in Central California run parallel to those of other countries. Together as a team, we can work to change our university institutions, better educate the public and future STEM leaders, and ultimately change the world.

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Camel and Pyramids
Camel and Pyramids


Since 2018, I have been involved with the STESSA project (supported by USAID) in Egypt. We work with Egyptian faculty to develop unique postsecondary courses that help future STEM teachers (our university students) solve Egypt's Grand Challenges. 

Our work includes a complete professional development plan for faculty from 5 universities to grow in their skills to facilitate active learning and inquiry-based labs.


I am excited to be working with CESPU - Cooperativa de Ensino Superior Politécnico e Universitário in Gandra, Portugal as the faculty work to implement active learning in all of their STEM courses beginning in Fall 2022.

Porto Historical Houses
Chalkboard with Different Languages

Language Skills

Dr. Walter speaks and understands most Spanish and is working to learn Arabic and Portuguese. I also know some American Sign Language. 

I am flexible in working with a translator and enjoy working in contexts with norms and technologies different than the United States. 

Hablo y entiendo Español y estoy aprendiendo a Arabe y Portugués. Tambien yo se un poco lengua de signos Americana. Soy flexible cuando estoy trabajando con un traductor y me gusta contextos con normas y tecnología diferente de los Estados Unidos.