Thinking about Joining the Walter Lab?

The Walter lab explores college science teaching and learning. Our work is an intersection of biology, psychology, sociology, and education. 


Our research focuses on one of 3 main problems:

  1. How can we help STEM students learn more and succeed in science (especially students of color and women)? 

  2. How can we create conditions to improve college science teaching? Science denial is prevalent in today's COVID19 society. What can we do to help others understand and accept science?

  3. How can we teach science best? Most professors only lecture, and lecture does NOT work as well as active learning.  We are working to help professors use more effective teaching practices. 



Advice for Prospective Undergrad Researchers

To begin, send an email to Dr. Walter:

  1. Ask about openings in the lab.

  2. Describe what knowledge or skills you hope to learn as part of doing research.

  3. Share your future career goal

Undergrad Students in our lab have gone on to careers in: 

College science teaching, College Advising, Data Analytics, Medicine/Public Health, K12 Education, Psychiatry, and Psychology/Counseling.

Advice for Prospective Grad Students

To begin, send an email to Dr. Walter:

  1. Ask about openings in the lab for the semester you wish to join.

  2. Share your future career goals and what attracted you to our lab. For example, our lab works in science denial, equity and inclusion, and in how to help professors use active learning. What are your interests tied to these issues?

  3. Describe your background and training

  4. Include a resume and unofficial transcripts.

Grad students in our lab have gone on to: PhD Programs in Science Education OR Community College Teaching