Assistant Professor of Biology

California State University - Fresno

2015 - present


Director, STEM Education Center

California State University - Fresno

2018 - present

Post Doctoral Research Associate

Western Michigan University

2013 - 2015

PhD Curriculum and Instruction

University of Missouri

Emphasis in Postsecondary Science Education


M.S. Biology

Western Illinois University

Research in Asian elephant cognition


B.S. Biology

Iowa State University

Summa Cum Laude, Phi Kappa Phi



Assessment of Key Biology Learning Outcomes

Development and validation of instruments that examine students’ understanding of key biological topics, including evolution and climate change.

Influence of the Faculty Workplace on

STEM Teaching Practices

Influence of academic workplace climate (e.g. leadership, professional development, resources, collegiality, autonomy, respect) on the instructional practices of faculty.


General Education and Introductory Biology


Life, Earth, and Environmental Science for Future Educators


College Science Teaching 

History and Nature of Science

Principles and Teaching of Evolution

Principles of Animal Behavior


Strategies in Teaching Secondary Science

Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) 

of STEM Faculty

Most studies of specialized teaching knowledge (PCK) for faculty have been in chemistry. I am expanding this area of research to understand biology faculty. The first of these investigations examines knowledge for teaching key areas of biology literacy, including evolution, global climate change, and the science of immunizations.

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