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Fresno State is situated in Fresno, California on the traditional lands of Yokut and Mono peoples.  

Dr. Emily M. Walter, PhD (she/her/hers)

Dr. Walter (she/her/hers) is an Associate Professor of Biology and

Director of the STEM Education Center at California State University - Fresno. 

My quest as a professional is to make science accessible, useful, and meaningful to everyone. Most of my research is done in postsecondary education settings (colleges and universities) and examines impacts of active, student-centered, and creative teaching and learning practices on student success. Our projects frequently prioritize how we can best support historically marginalized people in STEM, including women and people of color. I am also a scholar of organizational and systemic change and enjoy strategic planning around key priorities.

Research in the Walter Lab focuses on...

Building Trust in Science 

through Socio-Scientific Issues

Supporting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in STEM

Creativity and Storytelling in STEM

Institutional Change & Faculty Development in Evidence-Based Teaching

The Walter lab provides a welcoming, diverse, inclusive, and equitable environment. We are also a safe space for undocumented students. If you are undocumented and want to do research, please do NOT hesitate to reach out. Dr. Walter is a safe person to speak to and she promises confidentiality should you speak about this matter.

Note. The Walter Lab is not accepting new students at this time. Dr. Walter expects to be on sabbatical in Academic Year 2022-2023. If you would like to begin a discussion about research (to start in Fall 2023), please feel free to contact Dr. Walter.

Recent and Upcoming Events

Conference Paper
National Association for Research in Science Teaching
30 March 2022
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Invited Talk
Division of Biological Sciences Golden Jubilee Seminar Series
14 April 2022
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO, USA
Invited Talk
UC Merced STEM Education Seminar Series

2 December 2022
Virtual and Merced, CA
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