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Emily M. Walter, PhD

I am an Assistant Professor of Biology and Director of the STEM Education Center at California State University - Fresno. The Walter lab provides a welcoming, diverse, inclusive, and equitable environment where we leverage cross-disciplinary tools from biology, education, psychology, and sociology. The Walter lab is also a safe space for undocumented students. If you are undocumented and want to do research, please do not hesitate to reach out. Dr. Walter is a safe person to speak to and I promise confidentiality when we speak about this matter.

My research focuses on:

  • Encouraging Faculty to Adopt and Sustain Active Learning in their Teaching

  • Science Denial (including evolution and public health-related issues)

  • Retention and Persistence of women and underrepresented groups in STEM


My course offerings at Fresno State include general education biology (BIOL 10), Earth, Life and Environmental Science for future elementary teachers (NSCI 115), and graduate courses in College Science Teaching (BIOL 272), History and Philosophy of Science (Biol 270T), and Evolution Education (BIOL 281).

Recent and Upcoming Events

STEM Community Outreach
STEM Education Center
Virtual Workshops in Spring 2021
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Conference Paper
National Association for Research in Science Teaching (NARST)
8 April 2021
Virtual Conference
Provost's Award: Extraordinary Teaching in Extraordinary Times
California State University - Fresno
Fall 2020
Fresno, CA